Let’s Celebrate

25 January 2018

However you want to celebrate it or what day you want to celebrate it – it’s almost Australia Day.  So let’s put another shrimp on the bbq, get out the green and gold and celebrate our island nation.
Lucky for you we have some pretty good ideas to celebrate this momentous occasion and do we need to remind you  – a LONG WEEKEND.

It’s always hot on Australia Day
Lucky for you we have some slushly machines to take the heat off. Whether it be purley lemonade or add a bit of Midori to add a little green to the gold, a ice cold beverage can really make

Light it Up:
Make your avro barbeque a little more ‘lit’ with our giant letters – not to mention it always makes a pretty good photo op.

Talking about Photo Ops:
We have some pretty epic photo booths that we can brand up for your gathering . Also remember that photo booths also have great lighting, so you’re pretty much guaranteed and awesome shot 98% of the time.

Make it ‘Insta Official’
Nothing is really official till its on Social Media, so let’s remember the good times #greatidea with our instagram printers

Not sure where to start? Just email us epic……. or call and we can point you in the right direction (plus we have plently more options for your party needs!!)

Happy Australia Day 

Epic Team